WIPtrac is a Work In Process (WIP) factory floor control system / Manufacturing Execution System (MES) targeted towards high tech manufacturing environments such as Semiconductor fabs, MEMS fabs, semiconductor assembly backend and research & development environments with:

  • Integrated SPC Quality, Engineering Data Collection
  • On-line Manufacturing Instructions Documents and Drawings
  • Equipment Tracking, History and Preventative Maintenance scheduling
  • Equipment Automation via SECS/GEM & PLC communication
  • Point and Click ERP Integration
  • Operator Qualification Tracking ...and so much more

WIPtrac runs in Internet Explorer, Firefox, Safari and on your iPad and smart phone. It can be installed behind your factory firewall and can run securely with a VPN across the Internet. All you need is an Internet connection and you can begin to configure your factory today.

Every component of WIPtrac is fully-configurable from inside the onscreen menu structures. No outside programming is required. No in-house software experts are needed. WIPtrac is suitable for both large and small fabs. WIPtrac provides:

  • 80% of the Functionality at
  • 20% of the Price and is
  • 200% easier to Configure and Maintain than any other true MES ERP MRP solution that you can find. Guaranteed.

Traveler Capabilities

WIPtrac is driven by a traveler/router based factory organizational strategy. Product moves through your factory under the direction of barcoded travelers created by WIPtrac. WIPtrac can run paperless. Flexibility is built in with alternate, optional, and forced out of sequence steps. As Built History is always captured. Traveler revisions and maintenance are under the control of your configuration management team.

Work In Process WIP Capabilities

WIPtrac has extensive Work In Process tracking and reporting features showing WIP items like parts moved, good parts out, rejects, reworks, transferred to rework and much more. The reporting system for WIP data allows you to slice and dice your data in unlimited ways across unlimited numbers of parts and reports are all exportable to Excel spreadsheets with a single mouse click.

Statistical Process Control SPC, SQC and QMS Capabilities

Statistical Process Control (SPC), Statistical Quality Control (SQC) and Engineering Data Collection (EDC) becomes a valuable part of factory management as WIPtrac collects, analyzes, monitors, generates warnings, sends alert e-mails and text messages and shuts down lots, operations or equipment based on incoming SPC data. The paper blizzard associated with engineering data collection is over when you use WIPtrac to handle the information.

Electronic Quarantine Features

There are 5 levels of hold available within WIPtrac. They can be used for Material Review Boards (MRB) or Engineering Change Orders (ECO) or Process Engineering Holds (PEH) for operations review or for any other purpose you might wish the system to stop work.

  • Put Lot on Hold
  • Put Lot on Future Hold
  • Put Part Number on Hold
  • Put Operation on Hold
  • Put Equipment on Hold

Lot Number Hold, Operation Hold and Equipment Hold can trigger automatically if SPC or engineering data goes out of control. When this happens, WIPtrac will send e-mail and text messages to the appropriate parties.


Connect Directly from WIPtrac to Process Tools and Fab Systems. WIPtrac's Automation Module scales from selecting the recipe at Check-In to full AI-based fault detection and process control. Using SECS/GEM & PLC connections to process tools with a simple setup and configuration that you have come to expect from WIPtrac, you can leverage your tools to your advantage.

  • Reduce Scrap
  • Improve Quality
  • Enhance Productivity
  • Enforce Recipe Selection
  • Capture Fault Tracking (FDC)

ERP-MRP-CRM & Other Systems Integration

Using Point and Click Integration techniques you can configure WIPtrac to write directly to your ERP and other SQL based systems. As WIPtrac Lots move through your factory the simple Update table scripts that you write will update databases outside of WIPtrac.

Operator Qualification Enforcement

Operators are assigned a qualification status for the different operations and processes in the factory and the operator will not be allow to check into operations that they are not qualified for.


Equipment Tracking and Preventative Maintenance

Equipment Tracking allows equipment and tools in your factory to be associated with multiple processes and operations. Likewise operations and processes can be associated with multiple pieces of equipment.

WIPtrac keeps a running total of what product and what quantities are produced by the equipment. Preventive maintenance triggers can be set for volume processed, runs initiated, time passed, SPC limits exceeded and others. If a tool goes down for maintenance either by triggering a limit or scheduled preventive maintenance, e-mail and text message notifications are sent to the appropriate parties.

ISO 9000 and ISO 9001 Configuration Management Features

ISO 9000 and ISO 9001 compliance is supported via complete configuration management system, modeled after similar paper systems. Operations, parts and part numbers, travelers and traveler numbers, etc. cannot be used by WIPtrac until they have been released. For example, once a new traveler has been reviewed and approved, configuration management personnel with the right security level and system password will release the traveler for use by factory floor operators.

Bar Code Enabled

WIPtrac was designed from the ground up to be bar code driven. WIPtrac generates bar code labels for you on any printer, using any desired format, readable by a myriad of different bar code wedges and readers.


Scheduling Capabilities

Using work content on travelers, WIPtrac predicts a ship date when a lot is kitted to the line and then constantly updates the predicted date while letting you know just how much ahead or behind the lot is running. Special on-line dispatch lists and reports give operators a quick look at what is in their queue at their workstation and from this list they can choose the hottest lots currently on the line to work on next. WIPtrac can be configured to e-mail daily alerts for manufacturing lots that are stalled and not moving.

It's all here and ready to use. If we can help in anyway please give us a call... or send us an e-mail.

SPC and Engineering Data

Engineering Data Collection (EDC) can occur every time parts are processed through an operation in the factory.

From the convenience of a computer terminal, your engineering and production control department can review up to the minute process data from factory operations. Track process data like:

  • Control Limits
  • Spec Limits
  • Cp and Cpk
  • Std Deviations
  • Sigma
  • Frequency Distributions
  • Ranges
  • Correlations
  • User defined calculations

WIPtrac automatically keeps track of operations and sends alarms via e-mail and text messages when these process parameters go out of specification.

Statistical Process Control is the key to a quality product, shipped on time. When a process goes unmonitored, unmeasured and uncorrected, very large and unpredictable swings in both quality and quantity will occur.

Knowing where the product is in your factory, knowing when the product is going to ship and other critical information allows managers to make informed, competent decisions. However, SPC information about your process is just as important as Production Information.

WIPtrac supports and augments quality systems presently in place in high tech / high reliability manufacturing environments. WIPtrac delivers many features in support of ISO 9000 and ISO 9001 for plants looking to implement or upgrade a quality system.

  • Enforces onfiguration management systems.
  • Collects and analyzes SPC data automatically.
  • Enforces manufacturing specifications.
  • Enforces operator qualification status.
  • Keeps manufacturing process, procedures, drawings and technical specifications on-line at all times.
  • Makes quality auditing possible where it was previously a chore.
  • Easily configured

Configuration Management

WIPtrac is built from information supplied to it by the user. WIPtrac knows nothing about your factory until you build up a list of manufacturing operations that are performed by your shop floor employees. This list holds information like: charge number, process/operation number, revision level, default technical specs, and document and drawing numbers necessary for the operation.

As each operation is entered into WIPtrac, it must go through a release cycle similar to the release cycle used for paper document systems. The significance of this is that operations can only be released by your Configuration Management department with the release code for WIPtrac and the software will only allow for released operations to be included in routings or travelers. Like operations, routings and travelers must go through a release cycle before WIPtrac will allow them to be used on the factory floor. This system of release authorization enforces compliance to Configuration Management principles.

SPC Data Collection and Analysis

When a process goes unmonitored, unmeasured and uncorrected, very large and unpredictable swings in quality and quantity will occur.

SPC is a key element of WIPtrac and is integral to the way the system works. Engineering Data Collection and Analysis occurs every time parts are processed through an operation in the factory. From the convenience of a computer terminal, your engineering department can review real-time data from factory operations and dump data out to Excel spread sheets and statistics software packages.

Operations have data value control limits, range value control limits and spec limits that can be used to control your factory. As data is collected, it is compared against the three types of limits and depending upon which values are exceeded or violated, different actions can be triggered. The system can be configured to automatically put operations, lots and equipment on hold that violate the limits. WIPtrac uses the WESTERN ELECTRIC "RUN RULES" to determine if data is out of control. This refers to the data that exceeds limits as well as the 2 out of 3, 4 out of 5 and 8 in a row methods of detecting unstable processes.

Manufacturing Specifications Enforcement

Engineering Data Collection (EDC) occurs every time parts are processed through an operation in the factory. From the convenience of a computer terminal, your engineering and production control departments can review up to the minute process data from factory operations. WIPtrac automatically keeps track of operations and sends alarms by e-mail or text message when process parameters go out of specification.

Knowing where the product is in your factory, knowing when the product is going to ship and other such information is critical in helping managers make informed, competent decisions.

However, information about your process is just as important as production information. Process control is the key to a quality product, shipped on time. When a process goes unmonitored, unmeasured and uncorrected, very large and unpredictable swings in both quality and quantity will occur.

Integrated SPC is a benefit of running WIPtrac Manufacturing Execution Systems.

How it works

The Barcoded Traveler Controls the Flow

WIPtrac traveler and router-based tracking and control uses an ordered list of steps (as seen in the example below) to route and control lot-based manufacturing.

One swipe of the barcode wand for Lot 385NEX (as shown in this example) brings up As Built Lot History and Next Expected Steps below the green line.

Operator Manufacturing Instructions are a Click Away

With a click of the onscreen operation number, WIPtrac will pop up complete manufacturing specifications and instructions for the step the operator is about to perform.

Once the operator clicks they have access to that step's on-line manufacturing documentation, drawings, images, audio, video, Excel, Word or any other digital document that can be displayed in a web browser. You can include audio and video files describing and showing the necessary technical details of the part or the work to be performed. Below is a typical example of a graphic manufacturing instruction.

And here is a typical example of a video that might be part of a manufacturing instruction for the operator to review.

Process Results are Captured as the Step Finishes

Automatically Capture Results

In the views below you can see how WIPtrac captures data like:

  • Operator In and Time In
  • Operator Out and Time Out
  • Cycle Time
  • Rejects
  • Technical Specifications Used
  • Equipment Used
  • SPC Engineering Data
  • On Hold Information
  • The Next Step
  • Future Hold Status

And in this next image the Operator can see details underneath each of the Steps on the Traveler in what WIPtrac calls the Exploded View.

A Short -- How It Works -- Video

This 1:30 minute video gives you a look at WIPtrac the way an operator experiences it.

WIPtrac is Simple to Configure

Simplicity is the Ultimate Sophistication

-- Leonardo da Vinci

Every component of WIPtrac is fully-configurable from inside the onscreen menu structure. No outside programming is required. No in-house software experts are needed. WIPtrac provides:

  • 80% of the Functionality at
  • 20% of the Price and is
  • 200% Easier to Configure and Maintain than any other true MRP ERP MES solution that you will find. Guaranteed.

Here's How We Do It.

Using a menu structure like what you see below a user chooses Factory Configuration and then one of the sub menu choices: Customers-Parts-Operations-Equipment-Employees-Travelers-etc.

5 Steps to Configure WIPtrac - a short video

This 90 second video takes a high speed cruise through a basic WIPtrac configuration.


Statistical Process Control Statistical Quality Control

Classic Trend Charts

The trend chart shows spec limits, control limits, averages, sigma, standard deviations, min and max data points, Cp and Cpk values and it can all be output to tabular formats and Excel spreadsheets or datamined with statistical analysis tools like JMP.

Frequency Distributions

Classic Frequency Distributions

The frequency distribution charts allow the user to look for things like bi-modal distributions and long tails in the data set that can be useful in understanding how a process is running. And like the trend chart it also shows spec limits, control limits, averages, sigma, standard deviations, min and max data points, Cp and Cpk values that can all be dumped to tabular formats and Excel spreadsheets.

User Configured SPC Monitoring

SPC Monitor Screens

Users can configure custom monitor screens that examine only the SPC Data of interest to that user. In this example you can see that some of the data items being monitored are Out of Spec (Red), others are In Control (Green), and still others have no limits set for the chart data (Pale Yellow). Clicking on the chart icons in the Monitor report opens up the SPC Chart for further review.

When a process goes unmonitored, unmeasured and uncorrected, very large and unpredictable swings in both quality and quantity will occur.

Statistical Correlation Analysis

WIPtrac lets the users perform correlation analysis, looking for relationships between various data points being collected. In this example there is weak correlation between Wavelength of Light and Brightness measured on a batch of LEDs, (Light Emitting Diodes).

When a process goes unmonitored, unmeasured and uncorrected, very large and unpredictable swings in both quality and quantity will occur.

WIP Reports

Work In Process Reporting

the WIP Report

WIP reports have one line item for every Lot in manufacturing. The report can be sorted by any column header, and filters can be applied to restrict the data to just a particular sub group of the Work In Process. The report indicates what lots are on hold and what lots are actively being worked on. The report can output the selected dataset to Excel. There are many variations in the WIP report columns that can be included and sorted in the reports.

the WIP Details

Activity Reports

Activity Reports

The Activity Reports, though they look a lot like WIP reports, are a record of what has happened inside of a user-specified date range. The date range and filters can be set to compare last week's activities to this week, last month's to this month, last year's to this year. Using the filters, you can narrow down your analysis to some very granular detail and, like the WIP reports, Activity Reports can be sorted by column headers, filtered as necessary and output to Excel to give you many different views into your factory activity.

Cycle Time Reports

Cycle Time Reports

The Cycle Time Reports are Activity Reports with some extra columns. They includes Queue Time, Process Time, Cycle Time, Start and Stop Times along with a few others. Using the filters you can narrow down your Cycle Time analysis, filtered as necessary, and output to Excel to give you many different views into your factory activity.

Reject Reports

Reject Reports

The Reject Report is like an Activity Report in that it is restricted to a date range and only reports the rejects for that date range. Using the filters, you can narrow down your rejects analysis, filtered as necessary, and output to Excel to give you many different views into your factory activity.

Tool Tracking

Equipment / Tool Tracking

Equipment Tracking

Equipment tracking allows equipment / tools in your factory to be associated with multiple operations and operations can be associated with multiple pieces of equipment. When checking in, logging in or moving in to an operation, the operator chooses from the list of available equipment and begins working on their lot.

On Check Out, Log Out or Move Out, equipment history is updated, the total volume of product produced is updated and the preventive maintenance limits on equipment usage is checked. If limits are exceeded the equipment can be configured to go down for preventive maintenance (PM). The Equipment History is always available and linked to the lots that were produced by the equipment. Likewise you can schedule PMs in advance and WIPtrac can even watch and bring equipment down for PM if too much time goes by without attention from maintenance crews.

Preventative Maintenance Scheduling

the PM Scheduling Page

This is one of the pages used to schedule Preventative Maintenance (PM) for equipment and to set usage triggers for PMs. It can be configured to send text messages and e-mail when equipment goes down from a PM. SPC can be configured to halt equipment if the SPC data suggests that there could be a problem with the equipment. In this way, even though a PM has not stopped equipment, the SPC can be used to stop it until someone reviews it.

PM Overview

the PM Overview

This page lists all the equipment and its current state. The PM schedules and dates are all visible. It is used by Maintenance to keep track of what is coming up for service soon.

Equipment History

the Equipment History

Equipment history is displayed for a date range. Every time a lot goes through a piece of equipment, it is displayed in equipment history. In this example, you can see where a number of lots have gone through the K SUSS1 machine and the information about it is captured along with any notes that an operator might leave. Like other reports, the equipment history can be output to Excel.

Tool / Equipment Automation

Fab Automation

Santa Barbara Analysis, has partnered with ErgoTech Systems - https://www.secsandgem.com – to bring you the most flexible and capable solutions for Fab automation with SECS/GEM and connectors to Fab sub-systems. Integrate with non-Standard tools, chemical, gas and other subsystems with a wide choice of automation connectors. This partnership brings you the best in automation with the ease of use you have come to expect from WIPtrac. WIPtrac’s Automation Module scales as your needs change - from simply selecting the correct recipe at Check-In and Lot integrity checks, to full AI-based fault detection and advanced process control.

ERP-MRP-CRM Integration

ERP Integration Module

Now you can write directly to your ERP systems from WIPtrac using simple point and click integration techniques. WIPtrac’s Integration Module allows you to quickly connect SQL scripts your ERP administrators write to update your ERP-MRP-CRM or other systems tables at Lot Check-Out.

Your ERP system contains information about your inventory and your customer demands while your MES system is in control of how to build it. There is much to be gained by integrating these two worlds. You will become more flexible and more responsive to changing demand. Real-time information exchange between your business systems and your MES increase overall equipment efficiency (OEE), reduce your cycle times, and provide management with greater visibility for improved decision-making.

How It Works

SQL Script Creation

Using the WIPtrac interface, only authorized users can create, edit, copy, revise and test scripts to update ERP and other SQL compatible database systems.

SQL Script Editing & Test

The editor allows for Live Testing against a SandBox database before you deploy. In this example you can see how WIPtrac exposes a whole range of 25+ WIPtrac variables that can be used to update other systems.

Script Deployment

Edit Traveler Step

The first step in deployment is to edit the step on the Traveler where you would like the SQL script to execute.

Open Script Selection

Once you are in Edit mode you dive deeper and to find the SQL Script that you would like to execute for this step.

Choose the SQL Script

In this example you can see PHOSPHINE_2%PLUS Revision A has been selected. The next time this Traveler is used this script will execute and update ERPdatabase. It is truly this simple.


Contact Information

US Offices - WIPtrac: Santa Barbara Analysis, Inc.

40108 Hwy 49 Ste C408
Oakhurst CA 93644

Telephone: +1 310 822 5905

European Offices - Cooper Engineering

44 Victoria Square Shore Road Rostrevor County Down Northern Ireland BT34 3EU

Telephone: +44 (0) 28 417 37777

ErgoTech Systems - Semiconductor Fab Automation Partner

PO Box 1287, 190 Central Park Sq.
Los Alamos, NM 87544

Telephone: +1 505-662-5156

About Us

We are Santa Barbara Analysis, the developer of the WIPtrac MES System. We have 30+ years experience in building manufacturing software systems for semiconductor, aerospace, electronic and other high-tech environments. We have experience across a broad range of manufacturing disciplines which leads to a solid understanding of the fundamentals. Manufacturing Executions Systems, Manufacturing Information Systems, Manufacturing Operations Management, Systems Analysis, Manufacturing Management, Process Engineering and Development Engineering are all areas of expertise.

Some of our past installations include:

We bring to the table a real world, vigorously tested understanding of what information is needed on and off the factory floor and how to best implement a system that allows for easily collected information without impacting productivity.

Some of our MES Manufacturing Execution System releases include:

  • ATE Systems - 1985
  • Weld Automation - 1988
  • CARS Data Archiving - 1993
  • MissionSystem MES - 1993
  • AccuFACTS9000 MES - 1996
  • WIPtrac MES - 2002
  • WIPtrac MES 11 - 2011
  • WIPtrac MES 19 - 2019

Our focus is to provide information systems that Work the Way You Do.

User Testimonials

Xponent Photonics

For the money I am unaware of a comparable product. After implementing WIPtrac our fab was paperless and therefore could implement document changes instantaneously to intercept in-process wafers. Our users found WIPtrac very easy to use and were very appreciative for how it facilitated communication across our shifts.

WIPtrac is a very intuitive MES system that is straightforward to implement. I was directly involved with configuration and deployment in a 24x5 wafer fab running multiple process flows of about 15 layers each. We also implemented WIPtrac for singulation, sort, wafer acceptance, and subassembly operations. The entire implementation team consisted of two people (only one of them full time). WIPtrac strikes a perfect balance between flexibility/configurability and rigidness (which is at times very desirable from a Production software program).

WIPtrac team was extremely responsive in adding features. They never charged us for any addition that they felt improved the product overall.

Franklin Monzon - VP of Operations - Xponent Photonics, Global Communication Semiconductors

Micrel Semiconductor

I have personally managed the installation of 5 inventory tracking systems at 3 different semiconductor companies. The installation of the WIP Tracking System at Micrel Semiconductor was essentially done by two people, one from MIS and one from Production Control. We track over 5500 unique part numbers across 1000's lots, across 75 different locations worldwide in a 24 hour a day operation. The WIP Tracking System has moved right along with us, never going down on us.

Robert Barker - CFO - Micrel Semiconductor

Irvine Sensors

After about 3 months of full implementation on our manufacturing line, the software has achieved it's promise of 80% of the mainframe system's MES function at 20% of the price. ...excellent remote support, combined with a simple intuitive interface allowed us to assign minimal resources to support and training. ...and sets a fine example of the "Power of Partnering" with suppliers.

Dick Malone - Mfg Operations - Irvine Sensors Corp


Browser based: 99% of people know how to navigate in a browser. Easy to use: new hires can be shown quickly how to check in and out of their operations. Most intuitive. Openness in user design: the system is not tied into a certain operation numbering scheme. Tech support has been great. SBA has been open to suggestions for future enhancements. Overall highly recommended.

Jerry MacDonald - WIPtrac Admin - THAT Corp

Pros Process Travelers are displayed from start to finish with the current manufacturing step highlighted. The WIP, Activity, Rejects, etc. reports have various filters and can be exported to excel. The MES data/reports are accurate, intuitive and transparent. The user interfaces, from administrative to operator levels, are well though out and intuitive. SBA provides extremely good pre-&-post sale customer and technical support.

We are very pleased with SBA's continued support and highly recommend WIPtrac.

Carol Turgon - Production Manager - THAT Corp

Easy to use; very intuitive Very flexible; can be used for R&D and Production purposes simultaneously. Excellent Customer Support; fast and effective. Easy to maintain. Cost! Overall This is an excellent MES package for small to medium sized wafer fabs and laboratory type applications.

Richard Thornton - VP Fab Operations - THAT Corp


Overall WIPtrac has been great for our company. It can be simple or as detailed as you would like to make it. It runs in the web browser so anyone in the company can use it. Being able to get real-time information is very useful for everyone from the operators to the CEO.

Easy to configure and even easier to maintain. - The technical support has been great. Any problems or questions are addressed in no time. - WIPtrac brings visibility to daily throughput, rejects, reworks, equipment issues, and process problems. - The SPC and data collection is very useful. It can trigger the shut down of processes and alert the Engineers. The real-time charts and graphs are very important. - Calculates cycle times and predicts ship dates. - Simply runs in the Web Browser. - Lot locations or lot history instantly. - Upload documents, specs, and pictures or video to any operation. - In-line process parameters (tech-specs) can be changed on the fly. - The flexibility is great. You can split or merge lots, force out of sequence operations, skip steps, roll back steps, future holds, and allows for reworks.

Tammi Sparks - Fab Manager - QuickSil

Dupont Displays

Moving to paperless travelers and SPC control charts is a step in the right direction for cleanliness in the fabrication area. WIPtrac's versatility allows us instant feedback on our As Built LOT History.

Mark Sellars - Lead Pilot Line Engineer - DuPont Displays

Request a Test Drive

With a user name and password you can log in to a working WIPtrac system for a Test Drive. This is the actual software running on our demo servers where you can build a test configuration of your factory with about a days worth of effort.

WIPtrac is not for every factory. But if your factory uses travelers or routers to control lot-based manufacturing methods then WIPtrac is an excellent choice for you. You will not find software with similar capabilities for less.

Tell us a about yourself, your company and your plans. If there is a fit between what you do and what WIPtrac offers we will be pleased to provide you with Test Drive access. Contact Us Here

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